High Scores & Criteria

I’m not going to list every high score for each level since that will undoubtedly change over time, but I will tell you what goes into a high score and how best to achieve high scores.

First, let’s take a look at the criteria for each score that is calculated after every round. There are five components to every score: Round, Blood, Rate, Damage, and Kill. Each will vary depending upon how well you did on the level according to the criteria set for each component score.

  • ROUND: This score is calculated based on how many rounds it took you to complete the level. Most levels (besides boss levels) will have a maximum turn rate between 2 and 6 turns before points are deducted from this score. You start out with 2500 points, and for each turn you go over that maximum turn you lose 1,000 points (500 for the third turn over). It’s best to complete each level within this maximum turn rate to get the most amount of points, but it doesn’t pay out any more if you complete each level in just one turn.

  • BLOOD: Sounds gross, but it actually refers to how many Hit Points you have left at the end of each level. After losing 25% of your total HPs, this score starts going down by 1% (25 points) for every percent of HP you lose after that. So, say you have a total of 1,000 HP and you end up with 750 after completing the level. You will get 2,500 Blood points. If you end up at 500 HP, or 66% of your remaining HPs, you’ll get about 1,670 blood points. There is a point where you will get zero points, but it is not when you are dead 🙂

  • RATE: See those green Dragon Experience coins in each level? By hitting those either with your bombs or with blocks or enemies moved by your bombs, you can collect them. Each coin you get will give you another 1,000 points towards your score. The gray money-style coins do not affect this score (though they can often be used as directional markers as to where you should aim your shot, and what kind of shot you should use).

  • DAMAGE: This is the most difficult score to calculate outside of the game. Wooden blocks may yield just 100 points, but they can also give you more points should you be using rage to boost the damage done to the block. Partial damage done to heavier blocks such as brick and ice also give you points, usually after you bring it down to about 25% of where it started.

  • KILL: For every enemy you kill in a level, you are awarded 2,000 points. This score is that simple.

What’s the benefit of getting a high score? Well, aside from getting your name on the level for best score, nothing really. Though, you’re assured a three star rate on the level and will collect more experience points, but you could do that without setting the high score.

You may have also noticed that some levels have high scores in the millions of points. This was achieved by using Angelo’s abilities to boost the amount of damage done to a target, resulting in a significantly higher score, especially when used in conjunction with rage. This is a known glitch, which is hoped to be addressed in the next update to the game.

I hope this help you on your quest to get a new high score, and to achieve three stars on every level! If you should have any further questions or comments, please feel free to discuss in reply to this post.


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