Haypi Dragon Bosses

There is one question that gets asked more than any other in game: “How do you get (insert dragon name here)?” I’m here to tell you that there is no clear-cut way to get any dragon, but if you know your odds, it might help you deal with the idea that it just might take you awhile to do so. More on this later. First, let me give you the basic info on each dragon:

Dragon Type
Boss Level
Rock, Cracking
Corpse Flower, Vine
Flaming, Grenade
Ice-Cube, Ice-Rain
Pray, Heal
Base Level
Chance to Capture

As you can see by this table, the odds of capturing each dragon is significantly more difficult as you challenge higher-level bosses. But keep in mind, just because Angelo and Crystal only have a single-digit percent chance to capture doesn’t mean that it is near-impossible. Many people have captured Crystal, and more people everyday are getting Angelo. It just takes patience. What’s the best way to guarantee yourself that you will get the dragon of your dreams?

***Challenge the boss dragon you want to own as many times as you can every day***

By singling out the dragon that you want to own, and by beating it as many times as you can in a day (boss cool-down time is the only thing standing in your way from only playing bosses) you significantly increase your chances of landing that boss dragon. I’ll be honest with you, it took me about 50 or more tries before I ever got Leshy. It was draining to not see that egg pop up each and every time I beat him. But once it finally happened, I knew that I could do the same thing to get any other dragon. There are some misconceptions too about ways in which you can increase your chances. Here are the main ones:

  • Beating a boss solo will increase your chances (Not True)
  • Beating a boss with a full team will increase your chances (Not True)
  • Killing the boss when challenging will  increase your chances (Not True)
  • Getting a higher score in a boss level will increase your chances (Not True)
  • Defeating a boss while playing in a pink leotard with your legs crossed behind your head will increase your chances (Not True—but it is fun to watch people try this…so go ahead and let them think it works)

The simple fact is that those odds listed below each dragon are rock solid. And just like rolling a die, even though your odds of rolling a 6 are 1:6, you could theoretically be rolling that die all night and never see a six. Conversely, you could also roll a six several times in a row. The same ideas apply here. Like I said, it took me 50+ tries to get Leshy, but it took me fewer than 10 tries for Lava, and fewer than 5 for Crystal! You can get lucky.


One response to “Haypi Dragon Bosses

  1. Sark

    Pink tutu worked for me…

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