Lava’s Abilities

Lava is one of the most sought after and highly-favored dragons in Haypi Dragon. His versatility is what in part makes him so appealing to use. Additionally, Lava’s higher-than-normal Hit Point level makes him that much harder to take down in PVP, though his attack is not nearly as strong as that of Crystal. If you can master the ability of Grenade, then you are often more likely to win in certain PVP and in-game levels than you would be using another dragon. Also to unique to Lava is his very low angle of attack. While other dragon’s might struggle to get their bombs past low-hanging objects, Lava can do so with relative ease as his trajectory angle is about 10-15┬░ lower than other dragons. This can be a big advantage, especially when making use of grenades, and flaming rocks.

Both of Lava’s special abilities have a chance of resulting in extra damage created when you opponent is lit afire. With higher level abilities, this extra damage can last up to three turns and deal over 20% of your attack strength in damage to your opponent before he/she even gets to take their turn. In situations where all you need is a few more damage points to kill your enemy, this extra boost in damage can mean the difference in winning or losing a close match. Continue reading

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