Angelo’s Abilities

Angelo is the most difficult dragon to acquire in Haypi Dragon. You only have a 1% chance of capturing him when you defeat him in Boss level 4-45.  That being said, if you ever do capture Angelo, you should consider yourself very lucky. Not only because getting him is so hard but also because it opens the door on two of the most unique abilities in Haypi Dragon: Heal and Pray.

Imagine yourself in the heat of battle and your opponent has you down to your very last couple of Hit Points. Normally, you’d be faced with the the singular option of attacking your opponent with your last ounce of strength and hope that you can kill them or they miss on their next attack. With Angelo, you can turn your guns on yourself and use Heal to revive your Hit Points and put yourself back in the game! You might even be able to take down your opponents in one single shot by sacrificing your turn to use Pray and increase your Attack level! With these abilities under your belt, Angelo can be a real team player. Keep in mind, that these abilities are always based of of the Attack level of the dragon using them, so if your attack level as Angelo is low, the overall effectiveness of these abilities will be diminished. Continue reading

Crystal’s Abilities

Say hello to the only female dragon in the game (so far). Crystal is one stone-cold killer. Her overall strength in attack and defense make her one of the toughest dragons in Haypi Dragon, and also make her one of the top picks for players to use. While you might not find Crystal to be the best dragon to use in all situations, her ability to freeze her opponents places her in a good position to get an edge on opponents in PVP. But, you may find that freezing your opponents isn’t always a good thing! When you team up with other players to beat a boss, freezing an enemy may mean that your teammates can’t do any damage to the frozen enemy—unless they can use a fire ability to melt the ice! Crystal’s two main abilities in the game are Ice Rain and Ice Cube, and both can be recklessly destructive . Crystal is likely to see a third ability appear for use in game upon release of future updates (either “Earthquake?” or “Ice Storm?” — both are seen in use in Crystal’s boss level 3-30).

For now, players have two very useful abilities to choose from. Ice-Rain can be supremely effective in dispatching your enemies at close range and can also prove to be effective in getting around tight corners and hitting opponents who may be hiding in places that are otherwise safe from attack. Ice Cube, when used in combination with Rage and Power Up, can be a one-shot killer on PVP opponents. Both abilities can also land you a second turn free from attack when they successfully freeze your opponent. This has often been the only way for lower-level opponents to defeat a tough adversary in PVP, and it frustrates the hell out of your opponent :). Continue reading

Lava’s Abilities

Lava is one of the most sought after and highly-favored dragons in Haypi Dragon. His versatility is what in part makes him so appealing to use. Additionally, Lava’s higher-than-normal Hit Point level makes him that much harder to take down in PVP, though his attack is not nearly as strong as that of Crystal. If you can master the ability of Grenade, then you are often more likely to win in certain PVP and in-game levels than you would be using another dragon. Also to unique to Lava is his very low angle of attack. While other dragon’s might struggle to get their bombs past low-hanging objects, Lava can do so with relative ease as his trajectory angle is about 10-15° lower than other dragons. This can be a big advantage, especially when making use of grenades, and flaming rocks.

Both of Lava’s special abilities have a chance of resulting in extra damage created when you opponent is lit afire. With higher level abilities, this extra damage can last up to three turns and deal over 20% of your attack strength in damage to your opponent before he/she even gets to take their turn. In situations where all you need is a few more damage points to kill your enemy, this extra boost in damage can mean the difference in winning or losing a close match. Continue reading

Leshy’s Abilities

Leshy may just be the most under-rated dragon in the entire game. And it’s likely that people shy away from using him simply because he is scrawny, low on defense, and his attacks don’t pack quite the wallop that other dragons do—or so it may seem. Leshy’s two main abilities: Corpse Flower and Vine. What many people don’t know is that Vine is one of the deadliest attacks in the game. Early on, it’s unlikely that you would see much use in it when it does less than 100% damage and reduces your enemy’s defense by 10-50%. But once you raise that skill to higher levels, the effects become very destructive when you can reduce your enemy’s defense by 200%…for two full turns! This alone can decide the outcome of a match. Combine that with the Corpse Flower ability, which has a very wide range of damaging force (meaning you don’t have to be 100% accurate), you’re odds of winning may just tip dramatically in your favor. Continue reading

Roco’s Abilities

Roco is your basic Rock-Dragon. But what he may lack in size and looks, he makes up for in punch. The two special skills Roco is equipped with are Rock and Cracking, both of which have the additional probability in stunning your opponent. Future versions of Haypi Dragon will likely introduce a third ability which is seen in use by the guards in boss Angelo’s level (either the ability to stun your opponent for one turn, or the Rock Spike which inflicts severe damage to enemies on the ground). In the meantime, use this guide to point your way towards upgrading Roco’s special skills. Continue reading

Haypi Dragon Bosses

There is one question that gets asked more than any other in game: “How do you get (insert dragon name here)?” I’m here to tell you that there is no clear-cut way to get any dragon, but if you know your odds, it might help you deal with the idea that it just might take you awhile to do so. More on this later. First, let me give you the basic info on each dragon: Continue reading

Dragon PVE Tasks & Rewards

As you continue on your journey through the world of Haypi Dragon, you will be presented with a series of tasks relating to the levels within the game. Certain levels present you with the opportunity to earn extra rewards simply by passing, or even challenging them. No coin or honor rewards are given, but the player experience rewards, especially for the Dragon Valley scene are, are very high!

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Dragon Experience Levels

How many dragon experience points does it take to level your dragon? This is the list of experience points required to reach the next level!

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Haypi Dragon Eyrie News:

04/11/12: With the release of v1.3, several sections of this site will require updates as some of the content is now outdated. Please bear with us as this information is updated.