Haypi Dragon v1.3 Out Now!

As of April 5, 2012, Haypi Dragon v1.3 is officially available for download on the App Store! If you haven’t already done so, GO GET IT NOW!  However, you should be prepared to be somewhat patient as updates will be made on the servers that may result in slow and or lost connections, but these updates should be finished shortly and we can all get on with playing some of the new levels and fully enjoying the new game features!

Just a few quick notes on the new release:

  • Task/Rewards interface has been reworked a bit. You will now see multiple daily tasks when you start, and when you complete a task there will be a flashing task icon at the top left of your screen even if you are playing in PVE levels! So, instead of having to go back to Haypi Town to collect your rewards, you can just click on this icon and it will bring you directly to the tasks/rewards section, and spit you back out where you were!
  • Secret of Tree: This is accessed through the “shooting star” icon at the top right of the home screen. Seems to be pretty interesting so far (only up to level 18, but the enemies start to get CRAZY tough! Like 800+ damage dealt to you on direct hits). There is a timer that counts down the time left to get a high ranking for the day and there is cool-down (revive as it is called) time should you not lose on a level or decide to exchange or get rewards. Levels also appear to be random in their selection, as after trying to beat the same level twice, the level changed! Cool-down tim also increases after each time you lose. (10min, 30 min, 1 hr….). Looks like this may end up being a pretty competitive aspect of the game! Also, dragon experience points seem to be given our for beating these levels. It’s not certain what exactly the numbers are yet, but they appear to be quite high for some of the higher levels up the tree! This is good news for leveling up those already higher-level dragons!
  • Boxes have been improved! You will now see icons for the items you receive when opening up boxes, and you may even find multiple different items inside of boxes (money + stones, multiple different stones, etc.). This is a big improvement over the former text-based display.
  • Magic Matrix: now has a blinking slot for the new stone. You will need to collect 50 crystals in Laputa before you can unlock this slot however. So: get your map pieces quickly folks (and don’t forget about the cash rewards available for being the first to do so!).
  • Online Rewards: At the top right of the home screen, you will see a gift box that may be flashing. Click on this to collect “online rewards.” Not sure how this works exactly yet, but after you do collect rewards, it counts down until the next time you can collect a reward.
  • New Daily Tasks: Daily Tasks have changed! The strict order previously used has been replaced by A-B-C level tasks. Synthesizing stones is now a daily task, and you will actually have to put a dragon in the Dragon Eyrie to get your Train a Dragon daily reward. 🙂 Seems like a lot of the former kinks have been worked out, so don’t expect to be able to breeze over tasks like you used to be able to.
  • Synthesis Shop has been updated to allow the synthesis of stones without Synthesis stones! You will be prompted with the following message if you attempt to synthesize without a synth stone: “Atttention! Your money will be reduced if the synthesis is failed and you will also lose the magic stone you use. Please think twice.” Low level-synthesis costs 1,250 money and has a “Very High” probability of success. Level 2 synthesis costs 5,000 and has a “High” probability of success. Level 3 synthesis costs 20,000 money and has a “Low” level of success. Level 4 synthesis costs 80,000 money and has a “Very Low” level of success. I tried out a Level 1 synthesis and it worked for me! This will be great because L1 stones are so common, I end up selling them off when I could just attempt to synthesize. Probably won’t attempt higher level synthesis however!
  • Map Pieces are now more readily available! Check out Exploration and you will see there are multiple pieces available in each level (as opposed to just one as was the case before). Many people are reporting receiving multiple pieces in just the first few hours of playing. This is good news for those of us looking forward to playing Laputa, and  also means that the cash reward will likely be rewarded soon :).
  • NPC data appears to have been updated. So, some characters may have had their defense and/or attack levels increased or decreased. Already noticed this on [4-43] where I deal less damage per hit to certain dragons. This does change the gameplay a bit, probably making it more difficult to beat some higher levels and less difficult to be some lower levels that we previously very hard to beat.
  • High Scores are still not fixed. Still not sure if and when this will be addressed by Haypi.

That’s it for now. Please feel free to post your own findings and or opinions on the new update! The site will be updated with new information as time will allow (there is a lot to comb through!). Happy Haypi Dragon!


One response to “Haypi Dragon v1.3 Out Now!

  1. Andy

    There’s a road map to Lupata on the forum now 🙂

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04/11/12: With the release of v1.3, several sections of this site will require updates as some of the content is now outdated. Please bear with us as this information is updated.
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