Treasure Map Pieces Revealed!

Wonder what the treasure map looks like when it is completed? Check this out! All the pieces fit snugly together to display the completed treasure map and the location of the secret level! Now all you have to do is get all of the pieces in the game to be able to play the secret level….Laputa!

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Player Achievements & Badges

At the top of the home screen, you will see the “INFO” icon. Clicking on this will reveal your player achievements. These are a series of achievements throughout several gameplay categories that are designed to gauge your experience and expertise as a player. While you can only redeem the rewards for meeting these requirements once, the rewards received are valuable and in one case (treasure map), one of the most rewarding accomplishments yet revealed in the game! Badges (not displayed in game) can be earned here in each category as well.

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Haypi Dragon Eyrie News:

04/11/12: With the release of v1.3, several sections of this site will require updates as some of the content is now outdated. Please bear with us as this information is updated.