Roco’s Abilities

Roco is your basic Rock-Dragon. But what he may lack in size and looks, he makes up for in punch. The two special skills Roco is equipped with are Rock and Cracking, both of which have the additional probability in stunning your opponent. Future versions of Haypi Dragon will likely introduce a third ability which is seen in use by the guards in boss Angelo’s level (either the ability to stun your opponent for one turn, or the Rock Spike which inflicts severe damage to enemies on the ground). In the meantime, use this guide to point your way towards upgrading Roco’s special skills. Continue reading


Haypi Dragon Bosses

There is one question that gets asked more than any other in game: “How do you get (insert dragon name here)?” I’m here to tell you that there is no clear-cut way to get any dragon, but if you know your odds, it might help you deal with the idea that it just might take you awhile to do so. More on this later. First, let me give you the basic info on each dragon: Continue reading

Haypi Dragon Eyrie News:

04/11/12: With the release of v1.3, several sections of this site will require updates as some of the content is now outdated. Please bear with us as this information is updated.