Daily Tasks v1.3

Each and every day, you are presented with the opportunity to complete a series of tasks that come with their own unique set of rewards. Some players will find these tasks difficult to complete, and others will be able to breeze through them in a matter of minutes. In any case, it is recommended that you check in every day and complete these tasks as the rewards for completing them are better than most other rewards in the game. Here is the breakdown of each task, in the order that they are presented to you.

In version 1.3, the task system has been updated and there are now four different Task tracks: Action Tasks, PVP Tasks, Normal Level Tasks, and Boss Tasks. The boss tasks are the only tasks that require you to pass certain other in-game tasks before you can tackle them as part of your daily task routine. Each task set below is color-coded to show the separate groups, and you can see what prerequisites are required for each, and what the next task will be.

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Crystal’s Abilities

Say hello to the only female dragon in the game (so far). Crystal is one stone-cold killer. Her overall strength in attack and defense make her one of the toughest dragons in Haypi Dragon, and also make her one of the top picks for players to use. While you might not find Crystal to be the best dragon to use in all situations, her ability to freeze her opponents places her in a good position to get an edge on opponents in PVP. But, you may find that freezing your opponents isn’t always a good thing! When you team up with other players to beat a boss, freezing an enemy may mean that your teammates can’t do any damage to the frozen enemy—unless they can use a fire ability to melt the ice! Crystal’s two main abilities in the game are Ice Rain and Ice Cube, and both can be recklessly destructive . Crystal is likely to see a third ability appear for use in game upon release of future updates (either “Earthquake?” or “Ice Storm?” — both are seen in use in Crystal’s boss level 3-30).

For now, players have two very useful abilities to choose from. Ice-Rain can be supremely effective in dispatching your enemies at close range and can also prove to be effective in getting around tight corners and hitting opponents who may be hiding in places that are otherwise safe from attack. Ice Cube, when used in combination with Rage and Power Up, can be a one-shot killer on PVP opponents. Both abilities can also land you a second turn free from attack when they successfully freeze your opponent. This has often been the only way for lower-level opponents to defeat a tough adversary in PVP, and it frustrates the hell out of your opponent :). Continue reading

Who Do You Fear Most in Haypi Dragon PVP?

Let’s face it, some Haypi Dragon players are just ridiculously strong in PVP. 1,000+ damage in a single shot? Yeah, it happens. So, who do you fear the most? Feel free to submit your own answer too!

Congratulations to Sark, the winner of this poll with 25% of the vote! Sark is officially the MOST FEARED player in PVP. SuperKorea & 403ep4 tied for second place, and minitung and george2315 came in right behind. Thanks everyone for voting!

Player Achievements & Badges

At the top of the home screen, you will see the “INFO” icon. Clicking on this will reveal your player achievements. These are a series of achievements throughout several gameplay categories that are designed to gauge your experience and expertise as a player. While you can only redeem the rewards for meeting these requirements once, the rewards received are valuable and in one case (treasure map), one of the most rewarding accomplishments yet revealed in the game! Badges (not displayed in game) can be earned here in each category as well.

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Haypi Dragon Eyrie News:

04/11/12: With the release of v1.3, several sections of this site will require updates as some of the content is now outdated. Please bear with us as this information is updated.