Dragon Valley 4-43

Check out this great clip created by JD1202! This is one of the best ways to beat this level with 3 stars. It makes it really easy to gain quick experience points and level your Dragon.


What is Your Favorite Haypi Dragon?

You start with Rocco, and and he shows you the ropes. But does all that bonding really stick? Do you curl up in the vines with Leshy? Maybe after beating Lava 381 times and finally getting him, Lava’s your go-to dragon. Or is it the arctic-cool persona of Crystal that you prefer? Or perhaps the “I art holier than thou” mentality of Angelo that speaks to you? Whichever the case, vote for your favorite Haypi Dragon here!

Congratulations to Sark, the winner of last week’s poll with 25% of the vote! Sark is officially the MOST FEARED player in PVP. SuperKorea & 403ep4 tied for second place, and minitung and george2315 came in right behind. Thanks everyone for voting!

Haypi Dragon Eyrie News:

04/11/12: With the release of v1.3, several sections of this site will require updates as some of the content is now outdated. Please bear with us as this information is updated.