How to Level Up (Quickly)

You asked for it, and here it is! This is our basic guide on how to level up, both your dragons and your player experience, faster and more effectively. There are always people on chat asking what levels are good for farming, and how to just get your dragon up to the next level. Unfortunately for something that is actually pretty easy to do it does take time one way or another.First off, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the dragon level scale and how many experience points you will need to earn to get to the level. Let’s say your goal is to get your dragon to Level 20 from Level 10, an accomplishable task. You will need to earn a grand total of 217,700 dragon experience points from 35,700 at Level 10 to get your dragon to Level 20. The first thing you will wan to recognize is that while your challenge required you earn 236,000 experience points there are ways to level out the playing field a bit. So, here are my Top 5 methods to more quickly gaining experience points:

    1. VIP Cards: These can be found in-game either on the wheel, in boxes, or as a reward for beating a level. However you end up getting yours remember the most important part: you get 50% more experience points when you have VIP status. For 700 honor points (just slightly more than the total you get from completing all daily tasks), you can buy a 1-day VIP card. Always try to make the most of your VIP status and beat as many levels as you can while you’re raking in 1.5x the going rate.
    2. Have The Proper Skills: There is one skill that will help you out more often than any other: Quick Shot. Specifically, Quick Shot Level 11. Spend your money ramping up this skill to level 11 (which will actually require you to have a level 16 dragon), but once you get there you will be shooting three bombs instead of two, and this will help you bust up blocks more quickly which is very important for certain levels.
    3. Use Dragon Eyrie: Too often, this part of the game is ignored. Simply because players don’t see the value in it. In terms of cost vs. experience your best value is the 20 minute option. For less than 100 money, you get over 4 times the experience of the free training session in just 15 more minutes. It might not seem like much experience, but do this 3 times every hour for a few hours and your looking at a few thousand more experience points that require little time and no effort to get. If you are filthy rich and have a lot of coins, go ahead and spend them on the 24 hour option. But this option isn’t available to the majority of us.
    4. Challenge Higher Levels: Ok, this might seem obvious but the reality is you are rewarded less in terms of experience points when you pass lower levels. The limit to how many experience points you will get is dependent upon your Dragon’s level. Dragons with levels 18 – 21 should be challenging levels in Dragon Valley, up to 4-14 (one of the easiest levels to earn rewards on). Dragons from levels 22 -25 should challenge levels in Dragon Valley, up to 4-37, and will find levels 4-21 and 4-37 to be easy to beat and fairly rewarding. Dragons up to level 27 can should focus on 4-43 and 4-44, both of which will be highly rewarding until you reach level 28. Please check out all of the Level Guides for more info on how to easily beat certain levels, and find out which levels are the most rewarding.
    5. Always Get Three Stars: You will get more Dragon experience points for beating a level with three stars. Play around on challenging levels to find one that you can beat with three stars, and better yet, find one that you can beat in fewer than 3 turns. The faster you can beat a level, the more often you can play it, and therefore the more experience points you will earn in a shorter period of time.

Maybe you were hoping for some sort of cheat or glitch that will give you hundreds of thousands of experience points. Unfortunately, that solution does not exist. It will take you many hours to get yourself a dragon leveled 25 or higher, and even more to get one 30 and up. Your best hope is to play more and follow the tips I have laid out here for you. While I’m at it, I will list for you the easiest levels to beat in the game. You’ll have to play around to figure out which ones you can beat and shoot for one that will give you 300+ experience points each time:

Ancient Forest: [1-10], [1-14]

Elf City: [2-2], [2-12], [2-14]

Ice Hill: [3-5], [3-7], [3-10], [3-17], [3-21], [3-26], [3-27]

Dragon Valley: [4-1], [4-4], [4-6], [4-11], [4-14], [B4-20], [4-37], [4-39], [4-43], [4-44]


Happy Dragon-upping!


4 responses to “How to Level Up (Quickly)

  1. Andy

    Hmm.. the new update mess up the exp again -.- I can’t get 300+ exp from 4-43 anymore 😦

    • One of two things could be happening: Either your dragon is a higher level now (and so you won’t be able to get as many experience points from the level), or the rewards ratios have been edited on the servers. This did happen on the last update, but it was addressed and the servers were updated to go back to issuing more experience points per level. If this is the case again, just be patient and you will likely see this problem fixed within a few days.

  2. Don’t think its a glitch.. I’m player lvl 17 and dragon lvl 24 (lava) and i’m getting bout 30+ exp for 4-14 and 40+ exp for 4-43.. But tree of life gives you a lot more. but you’ll eventually get stuck at a certain lvl.. Also, any tips to get lvl 4-5 stones? Apart from slowly collecting.. any stages with a higher chance of getting them?

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