Haypi Dragon Stones & Magic Matrix Guide

In Haypi Dragon v1.2, there are seven different types of stones that can be collected and embedded in the magic matrix. Each stone type has five different levels (gray, green, blue, purple, orange), and there are also four different levels of synthesis stones available to increase the level of stones that you have collected (gray, green, blue, purple).

When it comes to stones, there is nothing more important than warehouse space. Consider this: you start the game with 8 slots in your warehouse and there are five different kinds of stone, each with five different levels, and four different synth stones. When synthesizing stones, you’ll also need an open slot in your warehouse for it to complete. That means, if you wanted one slot for every type of stone, synth stone, and room to produce a higher level stone that would require 30 total slots. Of course, you probably won’t be storing any L5 stones, so let’s just call it 25 to be realistic. Each time you expand your ware house you get two extra slots. The only way to expand your warehouse is by spending coins, and coins (for the most part) cost real money to get more of.

Slot upgrade costs: 2, 4, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100…

It is my opinion, and best recommendation that all players should spend 16 of their original 30 coins and expand their warehouse by six slots. It just makes it much easier to get higher level stones this way. Anyone who wants to spend more of their money to get coins should be spending it on warehouse slots, not on keys, boxes, or anything else (except possibly for VIP cards). It is just way too difficult to get L4 and L5 stones by simply waiting for them to turn up. It will be much easier for you to synth your stones to higher levels, and having ample warehouse space is the best way to accomplish this goal.

Let’s talk about stones again. They are important in the game, and if you do well in collecting them, you will also be able to synthesize your stones into higher level stones! You will need three (3) of the same type and level of stone plus one (1) synthesis stone of the same level to complete a successful synthesis to create one (1) stone of the next level higher. Since the maximum amount of each warehouse slot is 9, this actually works out pretty well when it comes to synthesizing stones, as you can make 1 stone of two levels higher from 9 stones of two levels lower. You’ll almost certainly need to do this several times in order to get stones of Level 4 or Level 5 (unless you are incredibly lucky). Take a look at this example below of what a complete synthesis arrangement looks like:

Synthesis Example - Level 4

This is an example of a proper synthesis. All stone levels are the same (Level 4 here). The result of this synthesis will be a Level 5 Mana stone!

9 L1 stones + 3 L1 Synths = 3 L2 stones + 1 L2 Synth = 1 L3 stone.

9 L2 stones + 3 L2 Synths = 3 L3 stones + 1 L3 Synth = 1 L4 stone

9 L3 stones + 3 L3 Synths = 3 L4 stones + 1 L4 Synth = 1 L4 stone

Of course, this will not alwasys need to be the case with Haypi Dragon v1.3! In the newest version of the game, players will have the option of rolling the dice and attempting to synthesize stones without a synthesis stone. I’m not certain what the odds are, but you can be certain that it will be 50% or less. If the synthesis should fail when not using a synthesis stone, your precious stones will be destroyed in the process. So, using a synthesis stone will still be the only way to ensure a successful synthesis to a stone of a higher order.

Here is a chart of all currently available stones (as of v1.2). Each level stone is also listed with the value by which it will increase your dragon’s ability. Note that Attack, Defense, Health, and Mana Stones all calculate the increase in level by starting with your base value. This means that if you already have a stone embedded, you will have to work backwards to find your base level and then calculate the new value that will be achieved from the upgraded stone. See the calculation description below the table for more info on how this can be done. CRT, Damage, and Agility all simply add a flat amount to your base value so no such calculation is required.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5



















*To calculate what your new dragons skill level will be use the following calculation:

Current Level ÷ (100 + (100 x Current Stone %)) x 100 = Base Level

Base Level x (1 + New Stone %) = New Dragon Level

Example: You want to embed a L3 Health Stone, and you already have a L2 Health Stone installed. You current HP is 400. Calculate the new value that you will achieve as such:

400 ÷ (121) x 100 = 330 (Base Level) ==>   330 x 1.34 = 442 (New Level)

This calculation is the only way to accurately determine how big of a boost you will receive by embedding a higher level stone into your dragon’s magic matrix. As you can see, Mana stones offer the biggest percentage boost in your dragon’s abilities, though Health stones will result in the biggest numerical boost, simply because HP values are higher to begin with.

Which are the best stones to upgrade? Mana, Health, Attack & Defense stones are likely the most important (in that order too) in terms of how it will affect your gameplay, so it is recommended that you try and upgrade theses stones in your dragon first.

This chart will be updated upon the next update to Haypi Dragon (v1.3), as there will likely be at least one new stone unveiled for use in higher level dragons!


7 responses to “Haypi Dragon Stones & Magic Matrix Guide

  1. tracychatelier

    Thanks that was good information 😀

  2. lovely info. but CRT % is wrong.. lv 1 = 10%, lv 2 = 15%, lv 3 = 20%, lv 4 + 25% and lv 5 = 30%!
    This will give me a suggestion to upgrade my Mana Lv 5 first than defence.. Thanks

    • The info is correct. Remember that CRT, Damage, and Agility still add to whatever your base value was. So a CRT level 1 stone will ADD 5% to your dragon’s base value of 5%, giving you 10% CRT. Perhaps there is a better way for me to describe this in this chart….

  3. Andy

    have anyone seen a lvl 4 syn stone?

  4. Mitch

    How do you remove stones from the magic matrix? It’s really bothering me.

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