Level Guide: 4-14

Level 4-14 is a pretty simple level to beat in just one shot. You will need to use QuickShot lvl 11 or higher (3 shots instead of 2) to beat the level in just one shot.With QuickShot, aim for the corner of the blocks just below the Faerie. With a successful shot, you will break the bottom most wooden block underneath the Faerie which will send both dragons to their doom, and take out all of the blocks in the middle!

Because this level can be completed in just one turn with a 3-star rate, it makes it a prime candidate for farming dragons. If you only have Quickshot level 10 or lower, you can still beat the level in just 2 turns, but your likelihood of doing so with three stars decreases as you will likely be hit at least once by the Ice dragon.

Level 4-14:

  • Ability used: QuickShot
  • Turns to complete: 2
  • Maximum Rate: 1,000
  • Maximum Damage: ???
  • Maximum Kill Rate: 2,000
  • High Score Tip: Use your first turn to do maximum damage to the blocks directly in front of you.

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  2. rinke

    Level :
    // how to get 3 stars in those?

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