What is Your Favorite Haypi Dragon?

You start with Rocco, and and he shows you the ropes. But does all that bonding really stick? Do you curl up in the vines with Leshy? Maybe after beating Lava 381 times and finally getting him, Lava’s your go-to dragon. Or is it the arctic-cool persona of Crystal that you prefer? Or perhaps the “I art holier than thou” mentality of Angelo that speaks to you? Whichever the case, vote for your favorite Haypi Dragon here!

Congratulations to Sark, the winner of last week’s poll with 25% of the vote! Sark is officially the MOST FEARED player in PVP. SuperKorea & 403ep4 tied for second place, and minitung and george2315 came in right behind. Thanks everyone for voting!

15 responses to “What is Your Favorite Haypi Dragon?

  1. Djancoek

    I will go with lava since his hp is decent and his armor only lost to angelo…the grenade makes your live easier at times and to add it off u can survive mini’s insane crit when he make his first move even though im only using lv 4 def..lastly because i have a twin which is jigsaw hahahaha

  2. Jigsaw

    yah for me its lava but crystal also good knowing its attack is higher than lava.becoz lava is flexible in some ways and had a grenades that can fit anywhere especially on pvp where your opponent is stack in the corner.so i vote for lava! and i have my twin Djancoek with me! bute kwan!:)

  3. Sark

    Lava. He’s red. ’nuff said.

  4. tracychatelier

    I like lava too but i gave up on mine long ago 😡 I want a monster crystal someday 😮

  5. I still prefer Crystal. Even though Lava is an all time average dragon, Its probably because before the update Crystal was the last dragon on Ice Hill and the feeling when you tamed Crystal it was like over the moon! 🙂
    When fighting in PVP others use Lava, and I use Crystal’s ICE CUBE or ICE RAIN which damages and has probability in freezing the target, they’ll loss a turn which might win! Done it a few times with some of the strong players.. lol.. Yeah you know who you are.. no need to mention names.. lol 😉

  6. Khal Drogo

    Beware, ye, of the dragon’s lair, for ye are juicy medium rare

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  9. Mitch


  10. Mitch

    What about naughty and devil?

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