Who Do You Fear Most in Haypi Dragon PVP?

Let’s face it, some Haypi Dragon players are just ridiculously strong in PVP. 1,000+ damage in a single shot? Yeah, it happens. So, who do you fear the most? Feel free to submit your own answer too!

Congratulations to Sark, the winner of this poll with 25% of the vote! Sark is officially the MOST FEARED player in PVP. SuperKorea & 403ep4 tied for second place, and minitung and george2315 came in right behind. Thanks everyone for voting!

9 responses to “Who Do You Fear Most in Haypi Dragon PVP?

  1. george. I’ve never even been able to get a shot off at him 😮

  2. GreenCross

    Nice one, You Should make another poll for top Dragon for Roco, Lava, Leshy etc…

  3. youngguns shim

    haha itz fun -_-)/

  4. YellowPeel

    i fear the PVP Quiter!

  5. Jigsaw

    a combination of SK DMJ Drap and 403ep4.lolssss!

  6. Djancoek

    I fear fairy-z! Silent killer.. Doesnt really talk much but his accuracy is fearsome

  7. I feared MYSELF!! Lol
    I feared those who quit and system kicks you out making you crash!!
    I feared those frequent crashes..
    I feared those who don’t respect others in the game..

    Enjoy your game..
    If u need help go to : http://www.haypidragonstrategyguide.blogspot.com

    Thank you

  8. tracychatelier

    LOL I know all the people on the list and they all scare the crap outta me

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